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In-Person and Virtual

Dr. Unger enjoys providing valuable psychological information and training to the public, organizations and professionals.  She sees this as an important method of intervention, knowledge translation, and capacity building.

Dr. Unger is able to provide workshops on a variety of topics including in the areas of general mental health, stress management, leadership skills, mental health disorders, trauma, parenting, children's mental health, mindfulness, and evidenced-based therapy models.

Examples of previous workshops provided can be found below.  Please note that Dr. Unger is able to design and provide additional workshops, presentations and trainings on request.

Support Group
Anxiety and the Helper

An overview of anxiety symptoms and disorders and how they impact those in helping roles.

Mindfulness for Parents, Caregivers and Children

A review of some of the benefits of mindfulness for caregivers and children with opportunity to try a variety of mindfulness practices.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Primary Care

An overview of the CBT model with CBT-informed strategies and principles that can be incorporated into the primary care professional's practice.

Image by Thought Catalog
The Importance of Attachment

An introduction to attachment theory and tips on how our to improve our relationships with children.

Mother and Baby on Floor
Casual Office Meeting
Empathic Listening for Leaders

Learn and practice important listening skills to improve your effectiveness as a leader in your home, community, team or organization.

Girl Eating a Meal
Parenting Tips for Picky Eating

Learn foundational and specific parenting strategies for addressing picky eating behaviour.

Stress Management Strategies

Learn about stress, its effect on our physical and mental health and evidence-based strategies to manage stress.  Focus is provided on setting realistic goals you can implement now.

Image by Elisa Ventur
Vicarious Trauma

Learn about vicarious trauma including its effects, protective and risk factors, warning signs and strategies for prevention and early intervention and when to seek treatment.

Image by Luis Galvez
Walk on the Beach
Mental Health and Wellness

Definitions of mental health, mental illness and strategies to support mental wellness are presented and discussed. The topic can be tailored for a variety of ages and backgrounds.

Happy Children
Attachment and Trauma-Informed Care for Working with Children

Accessible information on how attachment theory and trauma-informed care provide safe and therapeutic spaces for children in their learning and play environments.

School Refusal

Learn about the contributing factors and evidence-based approaches for addressing school refusal behaviour in children.

Going to school
Mindful Coping

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy strategies of mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness are taught as important life skills to enhance coping.

Sitting on a Bench
Rock Balancing
The Importance of Intentional Balance

A self-care and stress management workshop designed specifically for mental health providers and others in the caring professions.

Image by Chris Lawton
Managing Change

Learn about the various types of change, the effects of change, and the individual strategies to help us manage through transitions.  

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