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Helping children, adults, couples and families reach their goals and find healing and happiness.

Meet Dr. Jo Unger

Child, Adolescent and Adult Registered Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jo Ann Unger provides treatment and consultation services through her private practice as well as treatment, consultation and assessment services through a public health position. She has many years of experience and training in using a variety of psychotherapy models with children, families, couples and adults.

Dr. Unger is currently President of the Manitoba Psychological Society and is using this position to advocate for better access to psychologists in Manitoba.

Balancing Rocks
Tropical Leaves

Like all growing things, human beings need the right conditions to meet their full potential and health.  Dr. Unger works to support her clients in their growing journey.

Services Provided

Both In-Person and Virtual

Individual Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults

Caregiver/Parent Consultation and Coaching

Couple's and Family Therapy

Mindfulness-based Groups and Retreats

Professional Consultation and Workshops

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